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Wyoming River Trips

Wyoming River Trips

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About Us

Wyoming River Trips offers quick and easy 2 hour trips, as well as full day guided raft, inflatable-kayak, and packraft trips. Private and custom options are available. Our sister company, Wyoming Rivers Cooperative offers clinics, logistical support, and multi-day river trips.

Wyoming River Trips is a second generation, family owned and operated river guide and outfitter in the historic Cody area, running the Shoshone River and its tributaries east of Yellowstone National Park. Wyoming River Trips retains access to some of Wyoming's most scenic river runs. These include the Red Rock Canyon of the Shoshone and the North Fork of the Shoshone rivers. Find new ways to connect nature while traveling downriver, experiencing the excitement of whitewater, and reflecting without distraction.

Family and community have been at the core of Wyoming River Trips since the beginning. In 1978, Rick and Ron Blanchard started something new in Cody, offering river trips that focused on family-style adventures, professionalism and telling a story as part of the river experience. In 2021, Elyse Guarino and Landon Blanchard of Wyoming Rivers Cooperative, began a new chapter at Wyoming River Trips, building on the foundation of community and value-rich river experiences, while maintaining a vision for the future of river running and outdoor recreation. The merging of the two companies has resulted in a rich and diverse river outfitting and guiding operation.

We invite you to join us and experience for yourself the magic of a day on the water!

Elyse, Landon, and the river family.


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