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Wild Horse Photo Tours with Wild at Heart Images

Wild Horse Photo Tours with Wild at Heart Images

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If you've always wanted to experience the beauty of wild horses in a stunning western backdrop, join award winning photographer, Sandy Sisti of Wild at Heart Images, for a wild horse tour/photo workshop at the McCullough Peaks Herd Management Area. Located just 22 miles east of Cody, Wyoming. McCullough Peaks is home to over one hundred wild horses, including the many flashy pintos that McCullough Peaks is famous for. Sandy has spent over ten years observing and photographing the McCullough Peaks wild horses and can provide each guest with thoughtful insight into herd behavior, band dynamics, and genealogy. Sandy loves these horses and knows them like family.

Each tour includes exclusive one-on-one photography field instruction with Sandy. If you want to improve your photography skills, her private sessions can help you effectively reach your creative potential as you work to capture the spirit of this rugged landscape and its wild residents. While on tour, Sandy will provide individualized photographic assistance, including proven techniques to help you capture your best images yet.

Tours will be offered at both sunrise and sunset and will last approximately four hours.Tours are limited to two people with price information listed below. Tour prices include beverages and snacks/food appropriate for morning morning, evening or full day excursions.

Four Hour Sunrise Tour: $250

Four Hour Sunset Tour: $250

Full Day Tours: $500

Multi Day Tours Available Upon Request


The mare, Taboo, and her colorful family band of pintos at McCullough Peaks.
The stallion, TNT Dynamite, woos his mare Weleetka, as the sun sets at McCullough Peaks.
The young stallion, Tonkawa, is always looking for trouble.
The magnificent stallion, Washakie, issues a warning to challengers.
Moonrise over the Bighorn Mountains.
The mare, Topeka, leads her band to Bridger Butte.
The stallion, Lonesome, races a storm at McCullough Peaks.
The mare Tuff and her tiny foal, Topeka, visit the waterhole on a hot August morning.
The stallion, Kenya, is ready for battle.
The mare, Ruger, and her newborn foal, Rebel, greet the day.
One of the newest members of the herd at McCullough Peaks.
The stallion, Medicine Hat, dances in the early morning.
The legendary stallion, Washakie.
Stallions, Thor and Tahlequah, battle for dominance.
Never a dull moment at McCullough Peaks!

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