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Myers Health Care - Gynecology & Dermatology - Dale Myers MD, Brooke Cerkovnik (Myers) PA, Sally Whitman PA

Myers Health Care - Gynecology & Dermatology - Dale Myers MD, Brooke Cerkovnik (Myers) PA, Sally Whitman PA


About Us

Myers Healthcare specializes in women’s healthcare/gynecology issues & dermatology. We focus on professional and personal healthcare and meeting each individual patient’s needs. Dr. Myers has over 30 years experience in women’s health. He is a board certified OB/GYN who has been practicing focused Gynecology for over 20 years. He moved to Cody in 2005 to provide womens healthcare services to the big horn basin. He has partnered with Sally Whitman PA-C for 19 years. While Sally focuses on wellness exams, preventative care, and uncomplicated gynecology issues Dr. Myers focuses on hormone replacement therapy and complicated gynecology and surgical patients. Dr. Myers will also be adding Robotic Surgeries in April of 2024. Dr. Myers and Sally are thrilled to be adding dermatology services to their practice with the addition of Brooke Cerkovnik (Myers) PA-C - Dr. Myers daughter. Brooke has been practicing as a dermatology specialist under dermatologists for the last 6 years. She will be providing general medical dermatology care to men, women and children of the Basin. From acne care to general skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, rashes to full skin checks with excision and biopsies or pre-cancer and cancerous lesions. She also will remove and treat benign spots and lesions. We are so happy to welcome her home to Cody and are excited she will providing needed dermatology services to our community. Together the three providers will work together as Myers Healthcare Team - bringing personalized care to their patients in a small intimate private practice.


  • Gynecology/Womens Health
  • Medical Dermatology/ Skincare
  • Private Medical Practice
  • Participate with most insurances
  • Accepting New Patients


Dr. Dale Myers
Brooke Cerkovnik (Myers) PA
Sally Whitman PA
Dr. Myers & Brooke
Dr. Myers & Sally

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