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Dr. Randy Folker ENT & Allergy


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About Us

Since 1999, Dr. Randy Folker has specialized in afflictions of the ear, nose, and throat, as well as head and neck regions of the body.

Dr. Folker is a board-certified otolaryngologist allergist and Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Whether it be ear tubes, tonsils, adenoidectomies, or issues affecting the sinus, head, and neck, Dr. Folker has received extensive training that has led to his excellent care for his patients.

In addition to his clinical and surgical services, Dr. Folker offers an extensive allergy clinic and immunotherapy for his patients. A specialty trained staff of registered nurses test, interpret, and administer injections to provide relief for allergy sufferers.


  • Board-certified otolaryngologist allergist
  • Fellow of the American College of Surgeons

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