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About Us

We started Big Horn Armory, Inc. back in 2008, with the goal of designing a Browning type lever action gun, chambered in 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum.

It took a few years of perfecting the design, and sizing the action specifically to this cartridge to end up with the Model 89. Since the size of the action is just about halfway between a Model 1886 and Model 1892, we thought the Model 89 was the perfect name. The design closely follows the work of John Browning, with some modern refinements from modern metallurgy and machining techniques. We often wondered how the Master would have used the tools and knowledge that was not available during his time.

After plenty of blood, sweat, and tears, we finally started shipping guns in September of 2012. We’re so enamored with the power of the 500 Smith & Wesson in a rifle, that we decided to keep going BIG with our latest project, the AR500.

We only make guns that we would be proud to own ourselves. As such, our commitment to quality, fit and finish rivals that seen in many custom only guns. Sometimes that commitment slows things down, but our customers seem to think it is worth it. We hope that you can join our customers in the purchase of one of our fine firearms. We would be proud to have you as our customer.

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