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Account Executive

Posted: 11/20/2020

The six major responsibilities of each executive in the accomplishment of this goal are as follows:
1. Finding Qualified advertising prospects.
2. Discovering the advertising needs of prospects.
3. Development of advertising programs using facilities, which meet the prospects needs.
4. Persuasion of the prospect to use these programs.
5. Continued supervision of implementation of these programs.
6. Collection of all payments due to for advertising.
To accomplish these goals, the Sales Executive should direct the resources and facilities to generate maximum revenue for the company while serving the best interest of the advertiser.
At all times, the Sales Executive will represent the company in a highly professional and ethical manner.
Vacancy Type:
Full Time
Closing Date:
CODY - 82414
Applicant must be proficient in follow areas: Prospecting and seeking out potential clients. Record keeping and filing of all correspondence and transactions. Research and development of surrounding areas with thorough analysis for each client to understand their needs. The ability to draft and compose a presentation to suggest a plan requiring action on the part of the client. Account management and the ability to properly fill credit check forms, copy/continuity forms, and all forms pertaining on going schedules within the billing office. 
Here are some suggested steps that each Sales Executive should take to ensure their success:
1. Prospect 3 to 5 new accounts each week.
2. Make no fewer than 5 WRITTEN presentations per week
3. Prepare for each call by obtaining all information, ideas, reasons, etc. (BEFORE GOING IN)
4. Never leave client before getting commitment for schedule, (ASK FOR ORDER)
5. Have a minimum goal of 25 on air accounts each month.
6. Continue to improve your knowledge of your product, service, competitors and market.
7. Always present yourself to your client as the professional you are, both through knowledge and appearance. 
Jake Hogan
Big Horn Radio Network
Legend Communications
(307) 578-5000 (office)
(307) 250-9251 (cell)

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