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Maintenance Technician

Posted: 06/24/2024

DUTIES:  (Reports to Plant Engineer)

  • Involved in addressing issues regarding production and equipment improvements.
  • Takes an active roll in solving preventative and overall production/maintenance problems.
  • Identifies training/improvement classes/seminars and programs to educate himself and others to help better perform their job functions.
  • Maintains, troubleshoots, and repairs (in accordance with diagrams, sketches, schematics, operation manuals and manufacturer’s specifications), machinery and equipment such as engines, electric motors, air compressors, pumps, blowers, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, HVAC equipment, and production machines and equipment using hand tools, power tools and precision measuring and test equipment.  Dismantles, inspects, adjusts, repairs or replaces defective parts.  Starts and runs equipment to test their performance.  Lubricates and cleans parts.
  • Services/maintains/troubleshoots: lasers, automated equipment including robots, conveyors, air shuttles and vibratory bowl feeders, injection molding machines, injection molds including hot manifold/runner systems, ink jet printers, automated labeling machines, forklifts, crane hoists, machine shop equipment, and RF welders.
  • May supervise tasks, projects, and personnel conducting general maintenance duties. This position has no direct reports.
  • Performs injection mold service.
  • Confers with management and other department heads to plan preventative maintenance programs and to schedule inspections, repairs and major overhauls in coordination with other operating activities.
  • Performs minor plumbing work including sprinkler systems, evaporative coolers, sinks, etc., both copper and plastic pipe. 
  • Builds, repairs, and paints minor carpentry projects such as shelves, doors, walls, tables, platforms, etc.
  • Performs electrical work (in accordance with all local, state, and national codes) such as replacing fluorescent light ballasts, low voltage alarm systems, light circuits, test and replace fuses and circuit breakers, rewire injection molding and hot stamp machines (including pyrometers, thermocouples, heating elements, relays, electronic timers, and switches).  Also troubleshoots control circuits on equipment; including injection molding machines, desiccant dryers, chillers-refrigerated and water cooled, air compressors, hot stamp machines, electronic packaging machines, etc.  Maintains and repairs electric disconnects, motor starters and all types of electric motors. 
  • Develops and maintains a good rapport with all department heads.
  • Assists in maintaining spare parts inventories for production department and orders repair parts for equipment.
  • May be involved with fabrication activities such as welding and assembly of: hoods, workstations, pump shafts, etc. 
  • May be involved with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, so on and so forth maintenance tasks such as checking: eye wash stations, sprinkler systems, forklifts check sheet, pest control, and other equipment on the floor. 
  • Any other duty deemed necessary to company operations.    
  1. Proficient electrical, electronic, welding, fabrications, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical skills.
  2. Able to read and understand electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic schematics, electrical (1 line and 3 line) drawings, and construction/fabrication drawings.
  3. Able to lift 50 pounds.
  4. Able to safely operate or be trained on forklift.
  5. Dependable and a self-starter and work with minimum supervision.

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