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Improve Your Career Prospects By Creating A Thorough Development Plan

Offer Valid: 03/19/2023 - 12/31/2023

A professional development plan can help you set and reach goals, build new skills, and strengthen your career prospects. With the right plan in place, there is no limit to how far you can go! The Cody Country Chamber of Commerce assists entrepreneurs and other professionals with a variety of projects; here are some tips on how to create a comprehensive development plan that will help you take your career to the next level.

Make Your Goals SMART

You don’t have to reach for the stars to find success. It’s important to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goals that are realistic yet still challenging enough that they make you work for them. This is key for any successful development plan, as it sets up parameters for what needs to be accomplished in order for you to reach your desired outcome.

Find Online Learning Courses

In order to reach your goals and gain new skills, it may be beneficial to take online courses or sign up for webinars in subjects related to your current job or future aspirations. Online learning courses can provide an excellent opportunity to brush up on existing knowledge or gain new skills, which can be beneficial when applying for jobs or promotions. Plus many online learning courses are free or offered at discounted rates.

Add Your New Skills To Your Resume

Make sure that all of the hard work you put into developing yourself is reflected on your resume. Once you have taken some online learning courses/webinars, make sure they are listed along with any other experience that might help boost your chances of landing a job or promotion. You want potential employers/promoters to get a good glimpse into who you are and what makes you stand out from other candidates, so updating your resume and portfolio should be done regularly throughout the year.

Monitor Your Progress

Once your professional development plan has been created and implemented, it’s important to monitor progress regularly in order to ensure success. Set aside time to take stock of how far along you have come and adjust accordingly if needed. This includes revising SMART goals if necessary, as well as monitoring progress made from any online learning courses taken. Doing this will ensure that tasks remain manageable while still challenging enough so that progress continues steadily.

Learn To Network Effectively

Networking is key when it comes to building relationships within an industry and gaining insight from others who may be able to help further your career prospects. Take advantage of resources such as social media sites like LinkedIn and industry-specific forums/groups where people can connect with one another professionally. Just remember the golden rule: don't post anything negative or irrelevant because once published it may come back to haunt you later. Always stay professional when networking online.

Use Free Online PDF Tools To Stay Organized

Accomplishing goals doesn't have to cost money, as there are many free tools available online today including PDF management tools which can help keep track of notes, documents, and files. These tools are especially useful when collaborating with remote teams since everyone will be able to access the same materials in real-time without having to send emails back and forth. You can even utilize a PDF to Word conversion online, which will allow you to make edits and still get the security of the PDF format.


Creating a solid professional development plan provides structure while still allowing room for creativity when it comes to setting goals. By finding the resources needed to achieve those goals and utilizing things like free PDF tools, you can save time and money while moving forward with your dreams. Don't forget to monitor your progress so you can maintain your motivation and build confidence.

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